YouTube Unveils Magical New Video Editor

It’s been a big day for YouTube. Heck, this is our third article about the video service today. (Be sure to check out the new Teacher Site and also the Teacher’s Guide to YouTube in the Classroom.) So enough of that self-promotion, what else is new with YouTube?

Earlier today, YouTube added the ability to edit videos with a tool called Magisto. The new tool magically blends together your video clips / raw footage into one relatively seamlessly edited film. Most films take about 5 minutes to edit.

It’s easy to do clip-by-clip editing of your videos already in YouTube. Just click on ‘Edit Video’ after your video is uploaded and start messing around with the fades, filters, and other handy tools. Best of all, it’s free.

So now comes the big question: will you start using YouTube more? Thanks to the introduction of the new teacher-centric site, free video-editing tools and much more… there’s not much stopping you from becoming an active YouTube user (except time and resources, obviously). Regardless, if you create an educational video, feel free to share it with Edudemic and we may write about it.