The Year 2000, According To French Artists In The Year 1900

Think you know what the year 3000 will be like? What about the year 2100? If you’re anything like Jean-Marc Côté and other artists in France in the year 1900 (and I assume you are) then you might want to think twice.

That’s because a series of about 87 postcards drawn by French artists around the year 1900 have surfaced and they’re truly fascinating.

These drawings depict what the artists think the year 2000 will look like. According to these designs, here’s what they expected to happen:

  • Scary robots will be your new barber
  • Blimps will be battling in the sky / look like pirate ships
  • Airplanes will take the place of taxis or coaches
  • Firemen will fly to fires… like Peter Pan
  • The postman will fly to your house on an extremely small / flimsy airplane
  • Underwater divers will ride… seahorses?
  • Those same divers will be underwater and fish for… seagulls?
  • Whales will act as underwater buses
  • Farmers will use big remote machines to harvest crops (one of the more accurate depictions)
  • A machine will turn eggs into hatched ducks / chickens in rapid time (also pretty accurate)
  • Music will be performed by machines (extremely accurate, thanks Auto Tune!)
  • School will consist of students being force-fed books through some strange machine (the future iPad, perhaps?)

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(All images via Public Domain Review via Wikimedia Commons).