Yahoo Demands You Become A More Better Writer

Move over, Associated Press Stylebook, there’s a new guide in town. While the AP Stylebook remains the de facto resource for punctuation, spelling, and basically all things online, Yahoo! is throwing its proverbial hat in the ring to offer some tips and guidelines for publishing web content.

The New Style Guide

It’s going to quickly become another must-have resource for any blogger or other type of online content publisher. Dubbed the Yahoo! Style Guide, the resource promises to help make your text and other content perfect for online reading. The physical book will be available July 6, 2010 and cost about $15.00 and is available on Amazon and other popular online retailers.

Frequently Misused Terms

Here are some of the best guidelines offered by the book:

  • 24/7
Note slash. Example: The phones are staffed 24/7.
  • 3D
No space. Not 3-D.
  • Earth, earth

Capitalize when used as the proper name of the planet. Lowercase in all other uses. Examples: The third planet from the sun is Earth. The earth was ready for planting.

  • eBay

Note capitalization of this company name. See “Capitalization” for information on how to treat names such as this in a title or a sentence.

  • email (n., adj., v.)

One word, no hyphen. Plural: email messages and emails are both acceptable.

  • handheld (n.), hand-held (adj.)
The noun refers to a personal digital assistant, or PDA.
  • handphone
One word. Term used for cell phone or mobile phone in parts of Asia.
  • hang on to
Not hang onto. The phrasal verb is hang on, and to is the preposition. Example: He tried to hang on to his sense of pride while unemployed.
  • hard core (n.), hard-core (adj.)
Hyphenated when used as an adjective.
  • HD DVD
Two words, no hyphen. Abbreviation for high-definition digital video disc or high-
definition versatile disc. Abbreviation is always OK. Plural: HD DVDs.
  • HDTV
One word. Abbreviation for high-definition television. Abbreviation is always OK. Plural: HDTVs.
  • Web (n., adj.)
Note capitalization. Examples: Yahoo! Search helps you find information on the Web. Cut and paste the address into your Web browser.
Web conference
Web feed
Web hosting
A seminar conducted online.
Use only when describing the origin of the word blog, which is the preferred usage.
Lowercase when referring to race.
  • Wi-Fi
Short for wireless fidelity. Note capitalization and hyphen. Shortened form always OK.
  • Wii
Note capitalization and spelling of this Nintendo trademark. Do not add an s to form the plural.
There’s a ton of other great content and we encourage you to check out the Word List here. It’s chock full of helpful advice, correct spellings and usages while also being easy to use. Enjoy!