The Cheat Sheet For How Your Blog Works

If you’ve ever used WordPress, you’ve probably activated and tweaked more than a few themes in your day. Those themes don’t magically appear out of thin air. They’re built by developers who create dozens of coded pages that seamlessly work together to ensure your viewing audience has a pleasant experience.

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into a WordPress theme but never ventured into the bowels of your theme’s code? Thanks to Yoast ( a web design firm), you can simply read through a helpful infographic and learn all about WordPress themes!

This post is the second in a series designed to show you some of the amazing new features / designs out there available for free or cheap. From places like Elegant Themes to WooThemes to ThemeForest, there’s tons of easy-to-install themes out there just waiting to spiff up your site.

Change You Can Believe In

Will you change themes? Let me know if you do as I always love to see new designs. I’ll even feature you on Edudemic!