The Ultimate Last-Minute Gift For Benevolent Bookworms

Sample gift card

Did you forget to buy your teacher something for the holidays? Are you looking for a good selection of gifts? Is there someone who loves to read on your gift list? Do you love helping other people? Then it’s time to check out a great non-profit called Worldreader.

They help you share your passion for reading with the students in Africa.Using their website, you can donate e-readers, e-books, and even sponsor a school. Check it out here.

I spoke with Nadja Borovac from Worldreader who gave me a bit more information about the non-profit and how it all works:

In just a year, we’ve seen an incredible evolution of reading in the developing world. Last December, we saw 500 kids in Ghana get excited about an e-reader gadget and begin using it in a matter of minutes.  A few months later, we were blown away by how many books they were downloading.  To date, we’ve digitally delivered more than 63,500 e-books, something unthinkable before e-book technology.  Then, in a surprisingly short amount of time, we saw noticeable improvements in reading comprehension and fluency.   We’re only beginning to understand how e-books will impact education and literacy, but we know it will be transformational.

We’re working with more than 20 African publishers to digitize hundreds of local stories and have signed agreements with Random House, Penguin and Puffin to bring books like Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach to kids in our program.  People are taking notice of what we’re doing, like Bill Gates amongst others.

And we’re growing. We launched in Ghana, have expanded into Kenya, and now we’re about to move into Uganda. Our goal is to reach one million children by 2015, but we certainly can’t do it alone.

Basically, you will be able to give a gift (an e-card) in someone’s name so that kids can choose e-books of their choice.  This is especially interesting because we see that kids are downloading samples of titles like TwilightThe New York Times, and the newest Nicholas Spark’s novel, but when the sample finishes, they can’t read more.  A true book lover couldn’t think of anything worse!  This gift allows kids to choose the books they want to read so they can fall in love with reading and, ultimately, change their futures.