Whoa! Google+ Just Got A Totally New Design

The New Profile Layout of Google+

Pardon the ‘Whoa!’ in the title but that is literally what I said when logging into my Google+ account this morning. It’s, well, totally different. Same features but an all-new layout.

  • It’s not trying to be Facebook…as much. There’s a new Facebook-y sidebar chat bar though.
  • It’s trying to be a bit
  • The left static sidebar is beautiful. It’s going to allow the G+ team to add a lot more features to the site in terms of design.
  • It’s far more streamlined. It’s now much easier to figure out what the social network actually is. Was it a Facebook clone? A Twitter knock-off? Skype duplicate? Apparently it’s a mashup of all three and is looking pretty sweet.
  • In terms of the profile pages, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to the G+ team for not trying to replicate Facebook’s Timeline view. I don’t need more of that in my life.

Google+ is now a pretty mature platform that is really making me think about switching completely over to it. The content that’s been shared on G+ has been 100x better than anything I’ve seen on Facebook. While it’s no Twitter, it’s pretty fabulous. If you’re not on G+ yet, check it out. After all, you probably already have an account if you’re a Google user!

2 Big Questions

So now that they’ve changed everything, I have two big questions:

1) Will everyone be as outraged as when Facebook does design overhauls?

2) Will the design make a difference? Will it make you more or less likely to use Google+?

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The New Profile Page

New Google+ Profile Page - Edudemic

New ‘Trending Topics’ Tab

Google+ Trending Topics

The Ability To Change The Left Sidebar