Which States Pay Professors The Most? [INFOGRAPHICS]

Did you just graduate and are searching for a professorship somewhere, anywhere? If you’ve wondered just how much each state pays its assistant, associate, and full professors on average, wonder no more.

EduDemic is proud to offer an easy-to-use look at which states pay the most for each position. The list seems to be segmented into regions, with the northeast paying the highest salaries, then the east coast, west coast, and then the midwest. We hope this helps you as you search for a highly coveted professorship.

What if the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament was decided by professor salaries? That’s the idea behind our second infographic (below). Scroll down to view!

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These are the 2009-10 academic year salaries based on NCES data.

Click here to download the full-size infographic (PDF)

We also stumbled across a fantastic infographic made by PayScale during our research. It illustrates what the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball bracket would look like if it were based on teacher salaries and not basketball scores. An interesting approach! Enjoy:

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So what do you think? Do salaries matter the most to professors or higher ed administrators? What about recent graduates?