What To Know About Teachers On Pinterest

Using fun web tools like Pinterest in your classroom is not news. Teachers are incorporating sites and apps that students already know how to use (like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and building their use into classroom lessons. Because why not employ the tools that your students already know and like to use?

Pinterest, as many of you already know, is an extremely simple tool to use. You can find collections of lesson plans from other teachers, teacher support resources, and lots of edtech tips, tricks, and links that can be useful. Many teachers are even joining Pinterest and Bloom’s Taxonomy! 

So what’s news, then, in the world of Pinterest and your classroom? Well, Pinterest has taken note of the vast number of educators out there using their tool, and so they’ve created what they call ‘Teachers on Pinterest’, which will basically serve as a main collection area for education related pins. It seems as though they’ll be more easily searchable by grade level and subject matter, and the site notes that the teacher’s hub will later expand to cover more areas and grades in the future.

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The Teacher’s Hub

So where did all this content come from? More than just a collection of user’s pins, the teacher’s hub offers pins curated by Edutopia, so they’re harnessing some pretty wide-ranging education knowledge. There are currently distinct boards for preschool through sixth grade, along with others covering topics like science, math, art, homeschooling, and school supplies. They even have a section for education blogs, though the content there is really weak at this point – only 11 blogs listed, including Edutopia. There are SO many great education blogs out there, we’re excited to see what a great resource that board turns into with a little bit of time. We’d love to see them add an edtech board soon, too!

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