What Students Actually Use Laptops For In Class…

While this is quite amusing, there is of course no proof that this photo was taken during an actual class. I don’t see a teacher in the picture but regardless, it’s quite amusing. I’ve definitely seen my fair share of classmates using laptops to update Facebook or play Angry Birds (thanks Mac App Store!) so this is not without merit.

On a side note, I’d definitely want to be the kid on the top-most level so I could simply look at other people’s screens and find them in whatever game it is they’re all playing.

From the source: “A typical Computer Science lecture at Humboldt Universität, Berlin.” My guess is that you can apply this to most Computer Science lectures in most universities all around the world. [Blubber]

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  1. Kid Computers

    December 20, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    before having another kid most parents need to make sure they can afford it!!