Welcome Back To School [Comic]

We are living in a world of connectivity. From students to teachers to families, everyone seems to know what everyone else is up to. To that end, here’s a terrific comic that illustrates exactly that point.

Whether you think it’s a good or bad thing that we’re all so connected, it’s hard to deny that it’s how the world works these days. Students know what teachers are generally up to online. Teachers can quickly find out what their students are up to. Families can do the same. It’s quite a time to be a teacher.

The below comic is set to be published in the New Yorker on Monday. Have you experienced anything like in this comic? I’m genuinely curious if a student would ever actually say something like this!

“Anyone following me on Twitter already knows what I did this past summer.”
(A young boy presents in front of his teacher and classmates.)

Published in The New Yorker 9/5/2011
by Alex Gregory


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  1. Leonor Santos

    September 2, 2011 at 10:45 am

    Oh yeah. :-)