Top 10 Essential Web Tools For Project-Based Learning


Making learning interactive has always been difficult for educators. Students rarely want to collaborate and get involved in discussions, because most of them are afraid of making mistakes and saying something wrong. Luckily for all of us, the emergence of technology used in classrooms has made educators able of making the learning process interactive. Blending the traditional textbooks with innovative web tools that inspire collaboration will be the wisest thing you’ve ever done for your students.

The goal of project-based learning is to enable your students to put the things they have learned into practice and develop valuable skills through the project development. They will learn how to make priorities, manage sources, and summarize new concepts. The final goal is to enable them to understand a certain concept more easily.

By implementing the usage of digital tools into the classroom, the students will get engaged and interested into each other’s opinions. In the list that follows, you will find the most effective tools that will enhance the communication skills of your students, as well as their problem solving, productivity, critical thinking, and collaboration skills.

1. TutorsClass
TutorsClass is an online tutoring platform that can complement classroom activities or completely substitute offline classes for students who opted for home-based education. By using this platform, you can teach your students new concepts through the friendly online environment that isn’t intimidating as the classroom surroundings. Project-based learning can become much more effective with the usage of TutorsClass.

2. Dipity
This web-based tool will enable you and your students to use the interactive timeline and share stories. You can inspire your students to use other sources and import media by combining text, photos, and images into their stories. When creating new events, your students will be able to choose the theme style. The projects can be seen as a template of events, flipbook, list, or slideshow.

3. Capzles
Digital storytelling becomes much more interesting with Capzles. You and your students can choose from different templates and use them to create visual stories and narratives. Besides for creating simple stories, you can also use this browser-based tool for more complicated media projects.

4. Audioboo
If you have ever used FotoBabble, the concept of Audioboo will be already familiar to you. By using the voiceover tool, you will be able to tell a real story through a photograph and other types of visual content. You can enter small descriptions, tag a location, and use recordings from other devices. Audioboo is a free app available for Android, Nokia, and iOS users.

5. FotoBabble
This is probably the most popular tool used to record voiceovers for images and putting them in the format of slideshows. You will make collaborative projects much more fun for your students if you implement this tool into practice. FotoBabble can be used for analyzing a story or concept and importing audio content from other sources, as well as for quizzes that will enable you to test your students’ understandings of the concepts taught in class.

6. VoiceThread
VoiceThread is a useful tool that enables you to comment on different types of media, from photos to videos. If you teach a foreign language to your students, this tool will be particularly useful for your daily educating practice. In addition, VoiceThread is also great for adding voice comments to stories or images, which makes group projects much more enjoyable.

7. Animoto
Creating slideshows is already fun for most students, but Animoto brings their interest for learning new concepts on a higher level. This fun tool enables its users to illustrate their projects with text, photos, and videos. All they need to do is select a video style and start adding their visual material.

8. Myhistro
This is a versatile tool that enables its users to watch and read a great number of fascinating timelines, as well as create their own projects and complete them with pictures, videos, and text. Myhistro combines photographs, videos, and blogging into one interactive timeline that inspires students and teachers to collaborate on multimedia projects and presentations.

9. Glogster
Glogster is a great tool that will enable you to recapture your students’ enthusiasm for learning by inspiring their curiosity. You can use Glogster to create different multimedia projects, such as digital posters that present a major project.

10. Mindmeister
Brainstorming has always been useful in project-based learning, but Mindmeister makes this learning technique even more enjoyable for your students. They can use this tool to map out their ideas and find a way to start their projects more easily by capturing its essence upfront. Mindmeister is the best tool for collaborative brainstorming available on the web.

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