Wantful: New Online Tool Lets Teachers Choose Their Own Gifts

It’s almost the holiday season (get this wrapping paper!) and you know what that means: gifts from students and their parents. My mother is a teacher and would annually bring home some, ahem, interesting gifts. Sure, they meant well and I definitely think it’s important to give a teacher something meaningful.

But did my mother need 10 different versions of the same coffee mug? Shouldn’t there be some sort of coordination going on? Thanks to a fun new tool, there can be. (It can obviously be used for your own personal gift-giving, too.)

It’s called Wantful (still in ‘Preview’ stage right now) and it’s a slick new service that works like this:

1) You tell Wantful who you’re looking to buy gifts for and a little bit about them.

2) Wantful comes up with 16 gift options for that person.

3) The options are presented in a colorful printed book to the gift recipient.

4) The recipient picks the item they want the most and Wantful sends it right to them (you pay for the item, obviously).

This could go a long way in helping teachers like my mother avoid getting 10 different ‘Teachers Are A+’ coffee mugs. If an entire class (and its parents) collaborated and used Wantful, the teacher could literally have a catalog of items to pick from.

Instead of getting 10 coffee mugs, she could get one coffee mug packed with gift cards and other thoughtful gifts that you may not have been able to come up with before visiting the site.

Be sure to check out wantful.com. The site is quite gorgeous in terms of design, in my opinion.


You pick out likes and dislikes of the recipient by clicking on simple images. Little text is used and it’s not too cluttered.

Here’s a nifty slider that lets you choose what style your gift recipient has. Customized for men vs. women.

Here’s what Wantful recommended I give my wife. Apparently a couple big slabs of meat are heading her way!