3 Vocabulary Apps For SAT Takers And Lifelong Learners

I had a friend in high school who would always use big words. Mainly because he was quite smart and extremely well read, but that didn’t stop some of our other friends from being annoyed by it. A mutual friend of ours would always call him out on it whenever she felt he was using a word that wasn’t “average”.

“That’s an SAT word.” she would say.

I’m sure many of us remember studying words, making flashcards, and just generally trying to bolster our vocabularies for the verbal portion of the SAT test. Handwritten flash cards were my drug of choice for this task when I was in high school, but we all know that I’m old and didn’t have an iPhone, iPad, or fabulous web-based tool to fall back on. So, whether you’re an SAT believer or opposer, the SAT is alive and kicking, and getting a great score is still really important to a lot of students. So what are the best digital tools to bolster your SAT vocabulary in the 2013?


Vocabador is an inexpensive ($1.99) all purpose vocabulary app that allows users to study 400+ vocabulary words by using digital flashcards. The words are categorized by difficulty so that you can start with the easier material and work your way up. The flashcards include audio pronunciations, the part of speech, the definition, antonyms, synonyms and a sentence that puts the word in context. The app also includes a game-style quiz (can be played at different difficulty levels) which quizzes the user on word definitions for an additional way to think about and study the vocabulary. Overall an easy to use, inexpensive app that gets the job done.


MindSnacks is a free app that is a game based design offering 9 games to help users practice their vocabulary. Geared mainly towards SAT-takers, but the app-makers also label it as appropriate for PSAT and GRE as well. Offers 500+ words and phrases, and even includes games that focus on antonyms. The app has a learning algorithm that tracks your progress and adjusts to help maximize your learning. A fun, easy to use, and effective app.

SAT Vocab

SAT Vocab may be the most expensive of the three apps we’re discussing today, but at $4.99 it’s still a far cry from expensive (especially if you consider that private SAT tutors can cost $70+/hr! This app uses a technique that they call “confidence based repetition”, which is essentially a repetition method at particular time intervals. Users can rate how well they knew an answer (did it come to you easily or did you struggle/guess?) and then repeats the concepts you need to learn more. Offers 1400+ flashcards with 300+ word elements (prefixes/suffixes, etc), and the ability to browse and search for certain words. Well worth the $4.99, in our opinion!

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  1. Laura

    February 18, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    My son uses LearnThat.org for SAT preparation. I do recommend this program as his spelling and vocab really improved, and we are both happy with it.