Viral On Campuses Nationwide: The Serenading Unicorn

Just in time for a beautiful weekend, EduDemic is proud to bring you a glimpse into what’s making the rounds on college campuses right now. From the creators (Stephen Goldblatt and Daniel Stein) of Elf Yourself by OfficeMax comes… The Serenading Unicorn. It’s a great marketing campaign that is designed to raise awareness of Juicy Fruit gum. The gum makes just a brief cameo but the real point is to have people talking about your brand, which Stein has once again pulled off beautifully.

Get Your Serenade On

The ‘unicorn’ (a puppet with a great backdrop and quality filmmaking) can sing Culture Club, Boyz II Men, or Michael Bolton. It’s easy to send the unicorn to your friends on facebook, twitter, and e-mail. We got this in our EduDemic inbox today about 4 times so it was agreed that this warranted a post. What better day to talk about the popularity of a serenading unicorn on campus than a Friday?

Viral Marketing On Campus

What other marketing techniques have been popular on your campus? Have they been by your school’s administrators or companies?

Have a great weekend!