18 Valentine’s Day Learning Resources We Love

Happy Valentine’s Day, Edudemic readers! We hope your students haven’t aren’t too hopped up on sugar today, and that they’re treating all of their fellow classmates (and you) with love!

At least in America, the candy-flowers-greeting card industry would have you believe that everything important about Valentine’s day can pretty much be covered by bags of candy, overpriced prix-fixe dinners, silly cards, and date nights with high expectations.

Obviously, this isn’t true, so we’ve put together a list of Valentine’s Day learning resources for learning a bit more about the big day. Some are appropriate teaching resources, others are facts and figures that you can share with your students, and some things get filed under the ‘just for fun’ category. If you have a favorite resource you’d like added to the list, just leave us a note in the comments below!


  1. Valentine’s Day Across The Curriculum - via NYTimes
  2. Free Games and Puzzles For Valentine’s Day - via TheKidzPage
  3. 10 Fun Valentine’s Day Facts – via Murphy Jewelers
  4. The History of Valentine’s Day (video) – via The History Channel
  5. Classroom Lesson Plans For Valentine’s Day – via atozteacherstuff
  6. Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids – via Martha Stewart
  7. The History of Valentine’s Day Flowers – via Proflowers
  8. 25 Heart Activities for Kids – via inlieuofpreschool
  9. Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around The World – via Time
  10. Valentine’s Day Science Activities – via ScienceSparks
  11. A Valentine’s Day Quiz – via a4esl
  12. More History of Valentine’s Day – via Discovery.com
  13. Valentine’s Day Printables - via abcteach
  14. Valentine’s Day – via PBS Kids
  15. Learn To Say ‘I Love You’ In 182 Languages - via Currclick
  16. Facts About St. Valentine – via Time
  17. A Valentine’s Day Lesson for ESL Students – via ELCivics