11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Valentine’s Day

For better or for worse, today is Valentine’s day. This morning, we looked at a bunch of resources for teaching about Valentine’s day (along with a few fun and silly links, too). Whether you’re single or attached and loving or hating it, today is an excellent excuse for either eating too much candy, or being unreasonably happy or bitter about love.

The handy infographic below takes a look at some facts about Valentine’s day. From the historical to the financial, and the inane, here’s a few tidbits to share with your friends or your hot date tonight. Take a close look at the infographic – there are a ton of fun facts on there!

The Facts Of Love

  • For every 100 single women in their 20’s, there are 120 single men
  • The first diamond ring was given by the Archduke of Maximillian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy in 1477
  • About 189 Million roses are sold on Valentine’s day in the US
  • It would take 30 years of Valentine’s Day spending to amount to one day of Christmas spending
  • In Uganda, a mix of herbs and a grey crowned crane egg is considered a love potion. It is supposed to increase monogamy and affection
  • The seed of the silphium plant has been suggested as the source of the heart symbol
  • In 2010, the average cost of an engagement ring was $2100
  • About 1000M valentines are sent each year (including in-school valentine exchanges)
  • Americans eat about 46lbs of candy per year, per person.
  • 8 billion candy hearts will be produced this year
  • In ancient Greece, carrots were perceived to be an aphrodisiac.