UVM Now Offering Courses On Creating A Tech-Infused Curriculum

The curriculum of the future is being developed today. From Common Core to ad hoc technology implementation, there’s no shortage of instances where curricula are being rethought, retooled, and retried.

At the University of Vermont (UVM), they now offer a set of courses designed to help you, as a teacher or administrator, develop your very own tech-infused curriculum. UVM asks a few key questions such as:

Questions To Ask Yourself

- Do you want to transform your teaching through technology and support students’ standards-based learning?

- Do you need to keep up with your students’ ever-expanding digital skills and interests in the Web and computer-simulated learning?

- Are you looking for a way to apply college credits to a master’s program, earn better pay or change positions?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more courses on how to start developing next-gen curricula right now. Until then, it’s nice to see places like UVM pick up the baton and offer this set of courses. Here’s a few notes from the UVM Continuing Education website:

About The Program

UVM Continuing Education, in partnership with UVM’s College of Education and Social Services, offers a flexible online program of six graduate courses designed to help teachers, library media specialists and other educators create technology-infused curriculum.

The Educational Technology Program allows you to:

  • Take courses online, available at your convenience, flexible for whenever you have the time to attend class.
  • Take courses in any order. Courses are available throughout the year.
  • Make progress toward a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. After taking the six program courses, four more complete the master’s degree. With the master’s, you’ll achieve more training and better pay – and, in many districts, be eligible for positions as an instructional coordinator, curriculum specialist, curriculum director, or director of instructional material.
  • Gain access to Continuing Education advisors who will help you map your educational plan.
  • Learn from accomplished faculty with experience in school settings, technology integration, educational research and state government.
  • Apply courses to transform your work as a Pre-K-16 teacher, library media specialist or other school-based position.
  • Switch careers by obtaining an endorsement or certification in technology integration.
  • Build units of study that strategically integrate technology and meet national and state educational standards and assessments.

Click here to learn more at the UVM website. (November 1st deadline for Spring Term.)

NOTE: I wasn’t paid any money or anything like that to do this post. Just saw the offering and thought it would be interesting for Edudemic readers!