Updated Padagogy Wheel Tackles The Problem Of Motivation In Education

One of the biggest problems at the core of education is motivation. That’s according to the newest iteration of the popular Padagogy Wheel (pad for iPad instead of ‘ped’agogy) we showcased a couple weeks ago. Allan Carrington spent what must be counless hours thinking, revising, and refining the wheel you see below which is now at version 3.0. Be sure to click here to view version 2.0 of the wheel and click here to view version 1.0.

What’s New In The Padagogy Wheel Version 3.0

The new version tackles a major question that is lurking in the back of everyone’s mind. If it’s not … it should be. It’s about the problem of motivation in education. How do we motivate students, teachers, parents, and everyone else to get excited about learning? How do you stay motivated? What works and what doesn’t? Allan boiled down the answer(s) to these questions into a few clickable answers. The PDF version (available here) lets you click on individual words and app icons to learn more so check it out!

So why yet another version only one week later? Well out of the buzz about V2.0 came a suggestion that I couldn’t lay down, it ran around my head for days. A good friend said, “You know motivation is also at the core of the Wheel … how would that work?” Add to this line of thinking the fact that it seems all the excitement is about how Blooms interacts with the SAMR model and no one seems to be talking about the core of the wheel – Graduate Attributes and Capabilities. I wanted to upgrade the communication about the core concepts of the wheel so nobody missed their importance. -Allan Carrington

How It Works

Start at the center. Watch the TED Talk and click on each word. Think about how motivation is the driving force behind just about everything we do in education. Without that, the rest of the work in education is not as fruitful. For example, would you implement a 1:1 classroom or try out a few iPad apps (as seen in the padagogy wheel) if you weren’t motivated to figure out how they work or if you knew students would ignore your effort and tune out? Maybe. Maybe that’s how we’re all moving along right now.

But it’s not how it has to be. With this updated visual guide, you should find a new sense of motivation and a blueprint for how to proceed in forming a more motivated classroom and PLN.

padagogy wheel 3

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  1. Alyssa

    June 5, 2013 at 11:15 am

    Good post. I’m dealing with some of these issues as well..