UK Students Create Campaign To Find Teaching Heroes

A UK Radio and social media campaign has been launched created by students for teachers.

Working with Eteach, St Wilfrid’s school pupils wrote and voiced a radio advertisement and created a campaign to find a Teaching Hero in every school. During the campaign there will be monthly prizes for teaching heroes and the pupils who nominate them, culminating in awards for the country’s most outstanding teachers in January.

Eteach, the UK’s leading online teacher recruitment service, commissioned students from St Wilfrid’s School in Crawley to create the campaign for teachers, to celebrate all the hard work and dedication they put into their work and the difference they make to their pupils’ life chances. They chose students because of their creativity – and the fact that nobody knows more about teachers than pupils!

As part of the company’s commitment to education they gave the students professional training combined with short term work experience in high-pressure environments, and will now be promoting the scheme to other organisations.

The Teaching Hero is Born!

The students named themselves The Creators and came up with the idea of the Teaching Hero – a teacher who has inspired and helped their pupils.They want pupils and teachers all over the UK to nominate their own teaching hero, say why they’ve chosen them and give them a superhero teaching name.

The campaign includes a 40 second advert, written and voiced by the pupils and targeted at teachers and school staff. Eteach paid for the sixth formers to have training in radio techniques and they came up with a script with the tag line ‘Saving the world – one class at a time’. They recorded the advert and then spent two days with Eteach staff, being taught about web, social media and marketing.

The pupils were enthusiastic about the whole project. 18 year-old Ellis Rouch from Crawley said: “I’ve learnt a lot about advertising, how radio is programmed and quite a bit about recruitment. The highlight was coming up with the concept; we looked at the campaign first and bounced a lot of ideas about, then came up with the idea and how to make it go viral.”

Recording the advert was the highlight for 12 year-old Prince Egwautu from East Grinstead: “I’ve learnt how to deliver lines clearly and how to speak to an audience, but the best thing was going into a studio – perhaps I’ll work in radio advertising when I’m older.”

A New Teaching Hero Each Month

Once the campaign takes off a Teaching Hero will be selected every month from all the nominations and Eteach staff will visit their school to give the winning teacher a superhero cloak and a certificate, and a prize to whoever nominated them. There will also be prizes for the best Teaching Hero superhero name, as part of the social media campaign.

Eteach CEO Paul Howells said: “We all found working with the students a fantastic experience and Eteach ended up with a great campaign. The students’ enthusiasm was infectious and they all said they’d learnt a lot from the experience.”