Udemy Unveils A Teacher-Focused Redesign

One of the big names in online learning has just unveiled some new tools that teachers of all kinds should try out. Earlier today, Udemy introduced a new version of its platform that’s specifically tailored to teachers. It’s main goal is to empower teachers of all abilities to share their knowledge and expertise with the world.

Udemy has refocused on creating a more robust curriculum and toolset in order to start driving the best educators to their site and therefore a larger audience. The new curriculum editor on Udemy places less emphasis on starting a class and more instead on actually creating an outline for your course.

In other words, they don’t want to throw you in the deep end of a Massive Open Online Course and watch you drown. Thanks to a better curriculum and preparation, it’s easier for teachers to adapt their teaching style and lesson plans into an online format.

udemy teacher redesign

Who Should Try Udemy?

Want to teach an online course but hate technology? The new curriculum editor is simple to use and is basically just a drag-and-drop functionality you’re probably already familiar with.Udemy says the new interface is “dummy proof.”

Want to teach but not familiar with how to actually teach? Udemy now walks you through just about every step you’ll need to take. From creating an outline to understanding the pedagogy to mastering the assessment, there are step-by-step guidelines that are easy to follow. Hey, you might even do a little learning yourself!

Already teaching but no one is enrolled in your course? Udemy Co-Founder Eren Bali told TechCrunch that the most requested feature has been better marketing and promotion. So Udemy bolstered the built-in marketplace by letting instructors offer discounts to prospective students or through an affiliate program.

Want to write your own curriculum and teach full-time online? You could probably earn a living just by teaching courses on Udemy now. So if you’re waiting for that perfect teaching opportunity where you write your own curriculum and teach what you want to teach … this is your moment. After all, Bali says they recently had their first instructor reach $1 million in sales.

There are also improved support forums on Udemy’s new redesign. The ‘Udemy Faculty Lounge’ lets all instructors virtually congregate and share best practices, content, tools, and more.

Udemy has been growing quite steadily over the past 9 months. Bali says they’re seeing a steady 20% growth month-over-month and that instructors have published more than 5,000 courses on Udemy. 1,500 of those courses were paid courses. That’s about 7 times the number of paid courses from 2011.

About The Udemy Redesign