Twitter Rolling Out Official Analytics Product

Ever wanted to measure your followers, mentions, unfollows, and other data on Twitter? You’ll soon be able to once Twitter offers a few more people access to its new analytics product.  Right now, just a few lucky VIP members are able to use the system.

With Twitter Analytics, users will be able to see a plethora of data about their account; for example, information about which tweets are most successful, which tweets caused people to unfollow, and who the most influential users are that reply and retweet their messages. It will also likely give helpful insight into things like hashtags (#edchat anyone!?)

In the images below, you can see how some of this data is charted. A bar graph over 6-hour increments shows you mentions, follows and unfollows, for example, and you can filter tweets by categories that are defined as “best,” “good,” and “all.”

There is no word yet on if Twitter will be charging for this service. There’s also no word yet on when you might be able to access Twitter analytics. Stay tuned!