Twitter For Teachers: Erin Klein’s Awesome 10-Minute Video Tells All

If you’re looking to jump into the Twitter game, you could start out by doing a quick web search for something like ‘Twitter Start’ or ‘Begin Using Twitter’ but you’d be slammed in the face with millions of potential resources. I’m a fan of quantity most of the time … but it’s time for some quality tutoring. Especially for teachers. In that pursuit, I happened across Erin Klein (the genius behind Kleinspiration) posting a useful YouTube video that’s all about ‘Twitter For Teachers.’

In the video, Erin talks about how to get started with the basics of Twitter (how to actually tweet and respond to tweets), which hashtags you should keep an eye out for (new teacher chat!), and more.

I’d strongly recommend this 10 minute video as a way to either get started or improve your Twitter skills. Enjoy!