The 40 Things That Happen On Twitter Every Single Day

I use Twitter every day and I’m guessing you do as well. Do you share photos and perhaps visit the indonesian website Wait, what? According to a new study, that’s an average day for most Twitter users.

Diffbot‘s new Page Classifier API analyzed 750,000 links posted on Twitter to create the infographic below, which gives an interesting high-level snapshot of what we share and how.

Key Takeaways

  • Twitter users share photos more than anything else (about a third of all tweets!)
  • Articles (blogs, news, etc.) comprise about 16% of all tweets
  • Videos are about 10% of all tweets (most are via YouTube)
  • Seven percent of tweeted links lead to an error page
  • 8% link to a product
  • Live streamed personal video makes up more than 10% of video shares
  • Here’s a fascinating tidbit: the most popular news stories are from the Indonesian website Wild. It’s all from one day, but still. Wild.