4 Changes Twitter Just Made That You Should Know About

We wanted to let you know about a few quick updates Twitter just made. Mainly to their privacy policy and terms of service. As we’ve seen in the past, when major social networks like Twitter and Facebook update these things, you should take notice. Remember when it basically turned out that you could be named in a lawsuit against Pinterest? Stuff like that. So here’s what Twitter just changed:

  • Twitter will provide more details about the information they collect and how they use it to deliver services and to improve Twitter. One example: their new tailored suggestions feature, which is based on your recent visits to websites that integrate Twitter buttons or widgets, is an experiment that Twitter is beginning to roll out to some users in a number of countries. Learn more here.
  • Twitter has noted the many ways you can set your preferences to limit, modify or remove the information they collect. For example, Twitter now supports the Do Not Track (DNT) browser setting, which stops the collection of information used for tailored suggestions.
  • They’ve clarified the limited circumstances in which your information may be shared with others (for example, when you give Twitter permission to do so, or when the data itself is not private or personal). Importantly, their privacy policy is not intended to limit your rights to object to a third party’s request for your information.
  • In the Terms of Service, they’ve clarified how your relationship with Twitter works and made a number of small changes and formatting improvements, such as new headings for easy reference and updated descriptions of our services.

So overall, nothing too world-changing or scandal-causing. It’s nice to see Twitter is now supporting Do Not Track browser settings. All these changes make me understand what it takes to truly build a ‘mature’ platform.