What Should The Greatest Toy Ever Be Called?

There’s an interesting contest happening right now. A toy inventor has built a fascinating new toy that looks like it’ll be a hit with kids above the age of, say, 7. Yes, that means even adults will enjoy it. Basically, it is a robotic spider that shoots stuff. It’s awesome. I want one.

That being said, there isn’t really an educational purpose to this toy but Edudemic is all about education and TECHNOLOGY. This falls under the latter. So, check out the toy in the video below and take part in coming up with a name for it! If you’re the winner, all I ask is that you mention you heard about it here :)

Click here to submit a name for the toy!

Editor’s Note: I don’t know if this is THE best toy in the world. That’s just what the marketing people are saying about it.

Inventor’s Video:

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  1. Penny Carney

    September 8, 2012 at 11:29 am

    THIS particular item could be called TECHNO TARANTULA. I admire the fact that you have dedicated so much time to this item, and have plans to manufacture it. The concept, to me is such that it could be pursued not as a toy, but rather as an item used to achieve great results towards crime prevention. The head is seen to have the capability to swivel in 360 degrees, which would be ideal for mounting a very sophisticated camera and microphone system. Laser beams are capable of transmitting sound, as a listening device, and it could be activated by satellite. The TECHNO TARANTULA seems to be large enough to carry a possibility of many different items, which could be chosen by necessity, deemed appropriate to the situation at hand. In medical situations, to deliver communication ability, where someone was trapped, and needed to communicate, or needed light, or medicine, or a tool, or a similar device. There are apparatuses out there on tracks, but if your TECHNO TARANTULA can be manufactured to climb, as the legs seem to keep it stable, then it may be produced more economically and be considered disposable, reusable, and would justify the cost. The cameras and microphones could be add on equipment by personnel who are using your device, as needed, where the basic unit be made not to have interchangeable snap on parts used to do imaginary things, but to have interchangeable parts for useful functional specific duties. Toys are great, and this TECHNO TARANTULA could indeed be a great item as a toy, but there are a few things that make an item wanted, regardless if it is a toy, or a medical device, or a weapon, or such. It must have a use, which everyone wants one, and can’t live without it, just because it or the technology is available. Second, it has to be affordable by the masses, to not only justify the cost of mass production, setup and costs and advertisement, but to justify the cost to the purchaser, who must always justify the cost of buying it, as opposed to buying something else that he needs, rather than wants. Most people are compulsive buyers, and if the cost is right, will buy something because they LIKE it. Complex, overpriced items that have a great appeal because it looks cute, furthers the justification to the buyer by having a great use for the item, because it solves a problem for them, or makes life easier for them, or such. If your TECHNO TARANTULA is made of lightweight plastic, which is waterproof, and relatively inexpensive to make, then production costs are down, and the alternative costs for the add on needed to perform the specific duties or functions that the purchaser needs it to do. There are a host of ideas that your invention could be pursued , such as being the back half of an injured animals body, guided simply by where he or she places its front legs or paws, and uses the rest of its body, or its head. I am just thinking outside the box to further the expectations of your idea. I love toys and kids, and I am 51 years old. I will always be a child at heart, and it is very obvious that you are and always be also, shown by your passion of demonstrating your TECHNO TARANTULA. I have enjoyed sharing your invention and my ideas with you! I hope that you go far, and achieve your goals with these ideas that you have. I grew up reading nursing books from the time that I was a young girl, determined to be a nurse at least, and maybe a doctor, because my Father was a nurse all of his life, starting in the Navy. I was injured after I started college classes, breaking my back, and shattering disks in my back, so I did not get to persue that goal. I don’t complain about it, as other’s have it worse. I have had a simple, but fulfilling life raising two children, and 7 grandchildren, all whom I love with all of my heart, as well as my husband. My son is a computer wizard, who is in charge of all of the computers and programs at the hospital here and all of the immediate area. Not bad for a 30 year old, who started out as a toddler that had to tear everything apart to figure out how it worked, and was put together. That is the reason that I took the time to sit down and write this in reply to your site. I grew up watching the same passion that you have for your TECHNO TARANTULA ideas, watching my “little boy.” I am not looking for anything free, or anything else, by doing this, okay? Feel free to use this as a disclaimer to any rights that I claim for the name TECHNO TARANTULA, because I freely give up any claims to it. I do not know if there is such a name already in use, on any other product ever produced, so you get to find out, I guess. You may respond if you would, as I appreciate YOUR thoughts about MY ideas, as well. Have a nice day! Great concept, which could and should be explored further, keeping in mind that ALL ideas can always be expanded. Hence, the idea of building a better mousetrap… Penny Carney