Top 10 Reasons To Use Education Technology

Are you figuring out if technology is right for your students? How about the best devices for each student? If you’re in a cash-strapped school (so, pretty much all of them?) then you are likely having some *ahem* difficult conversations with people who aren’t sure if education technology is right for the school. Or, at the very least, if technology is the right way to spend school money.

I stumbled across this video recently and it’s a great one to send to anyone in your school’s community who isn’t sure how to use education technology. From Professional Development to improving test scores, edtech plays a critical role in modern connected classrooms and schools.

From the YouTube page: This video applies for kindergarten, pre kindergarten, elementary school (first, second, third, fourth, fifth grades), junior high or middle school, high school and at the college/university level. These tips are great for reading help, grammar, math, science, nursing, computers, classroom management