The Top 10 Most Influential Colleges Online (According To Klout)

I’m a fan of Klout. I know of a bunch of other people in education who are also big fans. However, according to Klout I am more influential than Harvard. I went to Harvard and work there but does that mean I hold more influence than the entire school? I think not.

Klout begs to differ though. According to the online influence measurement tool, Harvard has a Klout score 2 points lower than me. Seems nuts. My message here is simple: take this list with a huge grain of salt. It’s basically a nifty way to see which schools are most active in social media (and actually have Klout profiles).

The list was created by Klout (source) and, according to them, there’s been a big shift in the names on the list. For example, Texas A&M wasn’t on the list last year and is now at the top spot. The University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Oklahoma are also steadily climbing the chart.Stanford, who previously held the highest honor of being the most influential university, is now in seventh place.