5 Time-Saving Websites For Preschool Teachers

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The web is a vast place. It’s filled with nonsense and time-sucking websites. I typically get caught up by these two types of sites and end up losing several hours of my day. That is a big problem for teachers when you consider that they have virtually no spare time and typically prepare their lessons at night after an exhausting day in the classroom. If a teacher was to end up on one of the time-sucking sites (*cough* Facebook *cough*) then they may stay up until well past 2 a.m. trying to crank out their lesson plans for the following day. This is a large problem for preschool teachers who have to organize lesson plans and be physically active in the classroom.

In an effort to help preschool teachers in particular, I scoured the web for you. You can check Facebook a little bit longer since I tried to do the legwork here for you. What follows are some of the sites that I stumbled across that really popped out to me. For example, DLTK’s Craft For Kids has some impressive projects that any teacher would have fun creating with students. Browsing through some of the projects brought back fond memories of my time in preschool with some friends I’m still in touch with today. In any case, enough nostalgia. Let’s check out some time-saving websites for preschool teachers and stop wasting time!

Everything Preschool

everything preschool

Everything Preschool is one of the biggest ones you should check out. Everything Preschool has more than 30,000 resources (most of them activities worth doing) that are great for preschool teachers. Whether you’re a veteran or this is your first year in your very own classroom, these resources should be bookmarked and used to keep your classroom humming along.



The National Institute For Early Education Research (NIEER) is a well-known resource for teachers, administrators, and parents looking for innovative research in the preschool field. Basically, you can learn about the current research being done in your field. It’s usually quite difficult to find such a website for most other fields. Preschool teachers luck out with this one. I’d recommend checking out the state-by-state program research NIEER is doing if you’re looking for something in your area.

DLTK’s Crafts For Kids

dltk's crafts for kids

Looking for a way to get your students actively learning? Want to get their hands dirty and have them looking forward to tomorrow? Try out some of the many (seriously, there’s many) crafts and activities at the DLTK site. (DLTK are the author’s family’s initials just FYI) The activities are well organized (you can select animals, then Australian animals, then kangaroos, for example) but there are a few pop-up ads you’ll probably want to avoid. Other than that, the site is chock full of great stuff!

Enchanted Learning

enchanted learning

One of the most popular resource websites for preschool teachers, Enchanted Learning offers a free and paid subscription service where you get a boatload of resources on a regular basis. This is a site perfect for both homeschoolers and in-school educators. Either way, there are activities, printouts, lesson plans, and more.



I see preschool teachers mention PreKinders quite a bit on Twitter. During hashtag chats, teachers will reference it quite often. That’s because there are thousands of printables, lesson plans, theme sequences, and classroom ideas. Most are able to be deployed shortly after downloading so these will surely be some time-saving tips should you be in need. I like the organization of PreKinders and think it’s well worth a bookmark.

Time To Save YOU Some Time

What kind of website do you need? I’m always hunting around for time-saving sites for teachers of all grades. Let me know and I’ll do a post just for you! Leave your message down in the comments and I’ll keep an eye on them!

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