3 Rubric Makers That Will Save You Time And Stress

rubricRubrics can be an incredibly useful tool for your classroom. Aside from being one of those cool words that sounds a little weirder every time you say it, using a rubric can help your students understand the assignments in your classroom, and will make your grading process clearer, faster, and more objective and consistent.

Online rubric makers can make rubric creation pretty simple, so we’ve collected a few sites that offers online rubric makers (some of them are free) that can help you out in your classroom. There are many sites out there that also offer shared rubrics from other users that you can use as well – quite a helpful tool if you’re either in a pinch, or at a loss for where to start.


Rubrics4Teachers offers a LOT of pre-made rubrics covering a variety of subjects that are available for your use. You can search by subject matter or by term. This is a great site with a lot of free content, though the focus is on already created rubrics, not make-your-own.


Rubistar is an easy to use online rubric makers that also offers accounts (so you can store and access the rubrics you make), templates, and pre-made rubrics for a variety of subjects. Everything on the site is free.


iRubric is a pretty great tool. Like the others we’ve mentioned, it offers rubric building tools, and a searchable database of pre-existing rubrics from other teachers. It also offers an easy way to grade via the rubric: “just pull up a rubric from the gradebook, click, click, and you’re done. Rubric scores are automatically adjusted to the coursework grading scale and posted on the gradebook.” You even have the option to send a copy of the graded rubric to the students securely. Teachers and students can use the site for free, but if a whole school or district wants to set up a larger scale account, they offer paid options, too.

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    August 18, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    I would suggest a fourth one. https://www.rcampus.com/