3 Useful Web Tools That Meet Common Core Standards

web tools common coreThe Common Core Standards may not be entirely popular among teachers in the US, but like it or not, they’re here and probably will be for some time (at least in some iteration of their current form).

Many teachers are figuring out how to integrate some of the awesome technology tools they have while still hitting the mark on teaching the things students will need to know to meet the Common Core Standards.

(Click the title of each tool to visit the respective website)


learnzillion common coreLearnZillion is a site that aggregates lesson plans that focus on common core standards. They’re created by a “Dream Team” of teachers (who are actually teachers). The lessons are for both Math and ELA , are free to use, and include videos, slides, notes and commentaries from the teachers who created them to help you get the most out of each lesson.


Common Core Standards

PowerMyLearning doesn’t focus solely on the common core, but many of the free educational activities you can choose from address the standards. The site offers lessons and activities for Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Languages, Art, Music, and Technology, and are all grouped by grade/age level. The one disadvantage of this site vs. the others is that you might need to be more familiar with the common core standards to understand clearly if an activity pertains to a standard or not – the site doesn’t generally designate that.


ScootPad is geared towards math and reading skills, and are specific to the common core standards. It offers self-paced and personalized practice for each student, and is currently in use by over eleven thousand school districts. It offers great resources for parents, teachers, and administrators alike. Like the other resources mentioned, it is also free, and for teachers, it includes a lot of classroom resources for things like homework management and tracking students progress with the common core standards.