This Is Exactly How Popular iPhones And Tablets Are With Teens

We hear about the insane numbers of iPhones and tablets sold every second. Everyone seems to have one or is about to buy one. But what about the teenagers? Exactly how many purchase the iDevices? A new report from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster spells it all out to MacRumors.

iPhone Usage By Teens

The survey of more than 7,700 teens shows that 40% of all teens own an iPhone. That’s up from 34% six months ago.

Sidenote: Honestly, it’s staggering to see the growth continue at this clip for the iPhone. I mean, aren’t we running out of customers at this point?

That 40% figure doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon, either. According to the report, 62% of the surveyed teens say they plan to get an iPhone as their next phone.

 Tablet Usage By Teens

When it comes to the iPad and other tablets, the survey found that 44% of teens now own a tablet of some sort. 72% of those say they own an iPad. About a third (35%) say they don’t yet own a tablet but are planning to get one in the next six months. The vast majority of those teens say they’ll be getting an iPad.

We’ll also soon know about Apple’s potential iPad Mini. That has the surveyed teens saying they’ll be more likely to finally take the plunge into tablet ownership. We’ll see in the next survey 6 months from now.

Why Apple Targets Teens

In the report, Munster notes that a key to Apple’s growth is getting in with the younger customers. Once locked into the Apple environment of apps, hardware, and software, it’s very hard to make a change. The iPod Touch has long been one of the biggest entries for younger users who can’t afford a pricier iPhone or iPad.

It’ll be interesting to see how the iPad Mini fits into all this and if it’s yet another way to bring in more customers. Younger customers.