These Next Generation Receipts May Make You Second Guess Your Order

First there were smart phones. Then there were smart TVs. Now, there are smart… receipts?

Consider me a fan. I wish every food receipt was printed like this – we could all use a lesson on the nutritional value of food we eat when we dine out. Investors and restaurant owners, I suggest you head over to the Nutricate website to see how you can leverage what they’re doing.

The only problem is it shows you the nutrition stats on food you’ve already committed to eating (unless you order it and then decide not to eat it). “Oops, I ordered a really unhealthy meal. Can I change my order?” That said, I like how it subtracts for things you take off the order (no mayo = 100 less calories, for example). This could allow for smarter future ordering, but again, not super helpful the first time you use it. Unless you were ordering online, and the stats changed as you edited your order. Now that would be cool.