The WORST Gifts For Teachers

Teaching is hard work. It’s a tradition to reward your teacher with a token of appreciation. Often times a gift card or nice flower will suffice, but what are some of the worst gifts you could give at the end of the year? As if to throw gas on the fire, here are some gift ideas that you (if you’re a teacher) will hopefully never receive. If you’re a student or need gift ideas, please don’t give any of these items unless you are 110% certain the teacher will appreciate it.

Fish. In general, don’t give a teacher anything that has to be fed, watered or picked up after. A fish is a especially poor choice. Not only does it have to be fed but the tank has to be cleaned on a regular basis. What puts this item in a category by itself is the allergen factor. Some students are so highly allergic to fish that they cannot be in the same room as a tank. For this reason it is #1 on the list of top worst gift ideas.

Perfume. Although it is a nice sentiment, perfume is somewhat personal. Many times we are given perfume, and I know it is the thought that counts, but if it is not our scent, or we don’t like the scent, we may end up re-gifting it.

Porcelain, anything porcelain. Although porcelain flowers and animals are lovely, there are just so many places that you can put them in your house.

Mugs or photos of students. Seriously, teachers may love their students but they’re not blood relatives. It would look strange in a teacher’s home to have framed photos of all students. Think about it.

Ties or jewelry. Unless you are absolutely certain about what jewelry your teacher likes, please don’t try to dress them in ugly fake pearls, ugly ties, etc.

Clothes. Seriously, don’t buy a teacher clothes. Even a Snuggie. It is most likely going to be the wrong size and absolutely going to be something a teacher would not want to wear. You’ve been warned.

Toys. Buying a teacher toys or something you think a random child or cousin of the teacher might like…is not a great idea. For example, don’t buy someone ‘Puffy the Rat’

In case you actually DO want to get a teacher a gift that he or she will enjoy. Here’s the five best gifts for any teacher:

  • Gift cards
  • Movie passes
  • Food: Dinner, homemade treats, chocolate
  • Books for the classroom
  • A note of appreciation from a parent or student

What’s the worst gift you’ve gotten? Or better yet, regifted? Let us know on Twitter (@edudemic) or in the comments.