The Ultimate Guide To Giving Outstanding Presentations

Once ISTE ends and everyone comes back to reality, it will quickly become time for many to prepare presentations for the school year. What is the first thing you do when faced with the task of creating a presentation?

Do you crank up the ol’ PowerPoint, sigh a little bit, and then copy-and-paste some text from a Word document into the slideshow? While this may sound simple, it would likely take you at least a couple hours to get the presentation exactly how you want it.

Even after all that time and effort, your presentation will likely put people to sleep. Here’s a quick look at how most people make presentations:

The New Era Of Presenting

[Spoken in a late-night advertisement voice]

What if you could throw out PowerPoint (figuratively) and embrace new tools to deliver the same content but in a more engaging fashion. That’s right, there are new tech tools that slice and dice! make presentations fun but educational. How much would you pay for this technology? $40? $30? What about the low low price of FREE?!

[End terrible advertisement voice]

Where To Start?

So you’re finally willing to try something other than PowerPoint. Where do you start? Lucky for you, our friend Michael Zimmer (of Ultimate Teacher’s Guide to Social Media fame) has just unveiled a handy guide for teachers, students, and pretty much anyone looking to deliver a tremendous presentation.


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