The Ultimate Guide To Apple’s Presence In Education

All eyes are on education right now. Whether it’s in the political theater or the venture capitalists, everyone has set their sights on the future leaders of tomorrow. Some companies, like Apple, have long realized the potential of this demographic and have specifically targeted them with iPads, iPod Touches, and other devices.

In an effort to share exactly how Apple is targeting students, MDG Advertising whipped up a thought-provoking infographic. Here’s the rundown of the key facts and figures they uncovered:

  • Smart devices are having a real impact on both literacy and learning levels.
  • Younger students are more mobile than ever. About half of first-time iPad and Video iPod users are under the age of 5.
  • 1.5 million iPads are currently being used in the classroom
  • Apple anticipates providing iTextbooks for virtually every grade level and subject in the future.
  • Apple offers extensive free digital education through its iTunesU to more than 1,000 universities and colleges around the world. This collection of more than 500,000 free video and audio materials has already been downloaded 700 million times.
  • A single educational iPad app led to an increase in the vocabularies of 27 percent of kindergarteners and 17 percent of three-year-olds.
  • It’s helping in special needs education too. Apple’s app store already features 900 apps related to autism that focus on improving speech, reading, language, listening, and more.

Awesome Apple logo via DeviantArt