The Top 10 Books In The World

Browsing might show you what books are bestsellers, what is similar to the last thing you looked at, or what other people bought in addition to the book you’re looking at. Being a bestseller obviously means the book is widely popular- but just how popular? This fun infographic from Jared Fanning (made for Visual News) shows the top ten books in the world.

The infographic bases its numbers on the number of books printed and sold over the last fifty years (assuming that books printed but not sold haven’t been read).  The most popular book is the Holy Bible, which should come as no surprise, but there is also a heavy amount of very recent fiction on this list. Is pop-fiction just that – extremely popular, or has the advent of the e-reader just made it so much easier for us to consume books, that we tend to consume modern writing on them, and save Jane Eyre for reading in hardcover?


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    January 4, 2013 at 6:00 am

    Sorry, these aren’t the most read books, these are the most bought books. There is a difference!