The Top 10 Apps To Make Your Holiday Travel Much Safer

It’s the busiest travel time of the year and there’s going to be a record number of people on the road. That doesn’t mean you have to be unsafe though.

Thanks to the latest generation of apps, you can have everything from driving directions to travel games in your pocket. You can even see what other people are doing in cars nearby thanks to some location-aware apps!

  1. AAA Roadside – Remember Murphy’s Law? Why change your tire when the lovely folks at AAA are only a few touches on the iPhone away. FREE
  2. – Get ahead of your commute this year and monitor traffic in real time so you know the roads to avoid. Brought to you by local Boston startup Where Inc. FREE
  3. MapQuest 4 Mobile – If the native Maps app isn’t enough for you, and you are looking for voice guided directions MapQuest 4 is for you. Leave the clunky Garmin at home next time and check out this FREE app.
  4. Gas Buddy – Forget spening a couple extra pennies at the gas station down the street, buy this $2.99 app and find the cheapest places around to fill up your tank.
  5. Road Trip Fun – This app compiles a list of the most exciting games you can play while in the car. Remember I Spy, and the Alphabet Game and countless others? Not only will this app be a trip down memory lane it will be a hilarious addition to your drive. $0.99
  6. Pandora Radio – Because how many times can you listen to Lady Gaga on the radio? FREE
  7. Twitter – When no one else will listen, your followers will. Let them have it.
  8. Intuition - It’s a great way to manager you holiday schedule. It’s a free task management tool bound to organize your day plus doing the work of reminding family and friends of any scheduled party or trips via twitter and facebook!
  9. Waze - A social GPS app that is beyond fun. Not a bad way to see who is around you during the long drives this holiday season!
  10. Angry Birds – That’s right. Playing Angry Birds will let you take out your holiday frustration on some poor unfortunate pigs and not on your relatives. Happy Thanksgiving!

Know of some other great apps that might make travel much safer? More fun? Share them with me and have a safe trip!


  1. Jeff

    November 24, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    I'd also like to suggest MyAssist. It's live, 24-7-365 personal assistants that help with any travel-related issues such as: hotel reservations and cancellations, roadside assistance access, traffic updates, dinner reservations, transportation access, flight info and booking, concierge services and emergency travel assistance services. The app can be found at

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