The Teacher’s Guide To Polling In The Classroom

Raising your hand in the classroom is so old school. Thanks to the massive influx of technology into education, there are dozens of new ways students can virtually voice their opinion. From hardware (clickers) to software (Survey Monkey), there’s no shortage of free and cheap ways to get more students talking, thinking, and participating.

A robust new guide has just been published by Mohamed Amin on Scribd and it’s chock full of more than 100 pages all about surveys and polling in the classroom. I’m particularly excited about this guide because it’s written for both a technical / expert audience as well as less-advanced users. You can use the guide to learn about new tools and check them out on your own… or to find out some special ways to integrate polling in the classroom you never thought of. Either way, I’ve embedded the guide below.

Do you use electronic polling tools in the classroom? Do you feel that they help or hurt participation? Weigh in over at the Edudemic Facebook page!


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