The Student’s Guide To Proper Social Media Etiquette

If you’re like me, you act differently on different social networks. You share certain things on Facebook that you wouldn’t share on Twitter. You post stuff on Pinterest that you wouldn’t post on Path or share on instant message. Because of this, it’s important for students (and teachers and everyone else!) to remember the proper social media etiquette that you should follow while sharing online.

For example, it’s important to maintain a relatively simple layout and minimal amount of content in your emails, while you should act a bit differently on an online message board. You should introduce yourself and avoid spelling and grammar errors. Same goes for Facebook and basically all other social networks.

In general, just act right. Don’t spam or be fake. Share the good stuff and don’t overuse one particular social network. This helpful chart should outline a few more tidbits I thought worth passing along to the Edudemic readers. Enjoy and feel free to send this to that certain someone who keeps typing with the CAPS LOCK button on.

social media etiquette