An Interactive Look At The STEM Gender Divide

We already know that STEM education is important and that STEM based jobs are going to be a huge part of our future. So let’s take another look at the STEM gender divide through an interactive visualization. Women have been historically underrepresented in these fields, and that trend continues today. This handy infographic is interactive and shows the % difference in answers of boys and girls who agree with statements about STEM. Some of these statements apply much more broadly than just to STEM (for example: This school makes me feel confident about who I am – boys responded 18.8% more positively than girls).

A Few Takeaways

  • Girls answered only 9 questions more positively than boys.
  • The biggest positive % response from girls was to the statement: “I do summer homework” (9.7% higher)
  • Boys answered questions regarding interest and ability in engineering and technology quite positively compared with girls (19%-33% higher than girls)
  • The only  broad group of questions that girls answered more positively than boys was “School Activities”, which includes statements like “I do early college coursework” and “I do activities to learn about college”

 Click the image below to view the full-width interactive chart!

gender chart