The Powerful Role of Video Games In Learning

We talk a lot about the gamification of education. Heck, the March issue of our iPad magazine was basically all about gamification. But what about video games? Is that Nintendo DS actually as bad as you think?

According to a new infographic from FrugalDad, video games play a critical role in bolstering a child’s ability to socialize, learn, and grow. From therapy to literacy improvement, video games are an easy way to get a child’s brain to start thinking, problem-solving, and figuring out solutions to complex problems. Makes me glad I played Halo so much in college…

Click the infographic to enlarge or click here for the PDF version (by popular demand from Edudemic readers!)


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  2. Joris Steenbakkers

    April 20, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    I’ve done an extensive research on the educational value of games, both informal and formal, it can be read online at the following link (it was done for the Radboud University Nijmegen and Vereniging van Openbare Bibliotheken which is the overall instution for libraries in the Netherlands)… Hope you find some of your interest in there, it had been very comprehensive, this research, and it got a lot of information about effective educational elements of games… as well as some of the dangers of (too much) gaming… moderation indeed is key to good gaming (21 hours or less, you say). Most is written in Dutch though there are some english and german quotes in it as well, maybe some institution want to pay me to write it in English? If so, contact me at (also I’m in for some new research on the topic of gaming and education/reading/art/culture etc.). I’ve graduated as a literature student with game thesis.
    So here now that link…