The Perfect First Lesson For Back To School

Yes, it’s true. Summer ends at some point. You’ll be back in the classroom before you know it. So we’re not mincing words and just pushing straight into the ‘back to school’ thinking with this fun lesson. Courtesy of Dr. Jean, this idea seems like a natural way to begin your school year – by introducing yourself!

How The Lesson Works

You’re basically going to show off how similar you are to your students. The goal here is to show that you’re approachable, have experienced things just like your students, and that you can relate. You’ll do this by dusting off the ol’ photo album and picking out a few images that you wouldn’t mind either losing or showing off to your class.

lesson idea teachers

Once you select those photos, use some temporary tape (so you can remove the tape later) and put them on separate pieces of construction paper.


Now, write a little note beneath each photo. It can be any kind of note you want, just make it simple and explain that that’s YOU in the photo!

lesson idea teachers

Welcome your students to the class and make them laugh a little bit. Laughter will get you a whole lot farther than you’d think on the first day of school.