Tech Blog ‘The Next Web’ Just Launched Its Own Online School

the next web academy

One of my favorite tech and social media blogs has just unveiled its very own online school. The Next Web (TNW) just launched TNW Academy, an online school that lets you take courses from experts in many popular topics from Social Media to SEO.

In fact, the first course is on the essentials of Search Engine Optimization and is taught by one of the leading SEO marketers and developers, Joost de Valk (maker of the popular WordPress SEO plugin).

What Is TNW Academy?

First, let’s understand what the blog is. The Next Web has about 7 million readers every month, conferences in Amsterdam, Brazil, and the U.S. It also has a ‘Labs’ area that is all about startup incubation. Today’s announcement is perhaps the biggest move for TNW as they take on online education.

“We considered the concept for a long time. Through our blog and conferences we’re fortunate to be able to connect with many people who push the (online) bar when it comes to innovation. It seems logical to connect our readers with these people in the form of a more intimate podium, that’s focused on education & training by sharing knowledge” says Zee M Kane, CEO of The Next Web.

TNW Academy will start with free and paid online courses, covering everything from online marketing and inituitive design to Q&A sessions with well known entrepreneurs who will share their knowledge and experiences. After attending a course, a certificate will be provided stating someone has succesfully completed a course.

the next web academyThe first online class is called SEO Essentials and is in collaboration with Joost de Valk. Joost is a renowned marketeer and developer who specializes in (technical) SEO and works for clients like eBay, Facebook and the Guardian. In two hours Joost will talk about the technical and content aspects of SEO.

You’ll even get a certificate after completing the course. No course credits at universities though.

“If you were to ask me if we have a clear cut goal to change the future of education, I’d smile and say that such an ambition would be healthy,” says Boris, co-founder of The Next Web and successful serial entrepreneur. “I think that our unique way of doing things at The Next Web can certainly create a real change in online education & training.”

Want to take a course? The first one (on SEO) is sold out but more courses are coming soon.