The Future Of Classroom Computers: Touchscreen iMacs

Schools across the country are going to like this news. Their budgets may not. Apple is rumored to be testing out the implementation of their new iOS (the operating system driving iPhones and iPod Touches) on iMacs.

This would be a big selling point to schools looking to have a more engaging classroom or computer lab. Imagine asking your students to use some of the fantastic education apps currently in the Apple app store on a full-size 27″ iMac.

According to a rumor from TechCrunch, the deal is that Apple wants to bring touch controls to its desktop offerings, and will use the next iMac revision to test the waters a bit. So, you’ll have your standard Mac OS X installation, but then when you activate “touch screen mode,” you’ll switch over to iOS.

The new iMac is said to debut within the next 60 days, possibly at one of Apple’s super-fancy events where the gathered press hoots and hollers nonstop!

That’s really all there is to this rumor. I guess you can make something out of the fact that, well, it’s no longer called “iPhone OS,” so it’s much easier for Jobs & Co. to say, “the iOS… now on your desktop!”

We’re guessing it will be called the iMac Touch or the iMacintouch. What do you think? (The latter is certainly a bad joke.)

The image on the right is a crudely done rendering done by us. It is obviously and by no means what a potential touch-enabled iMac would look like.