The Busy Teacher’s Quick Common Core Guide

Forty five states plus Washington DC and four territories have adopted the Common Core Standards. While standardized teaching and benchmarking aren’t always favorite items on teachers’ lists, it would seem that they’re here for at least awhile. Many teachers are already integrating technology into their Core Standards teaching.  Though much of it is focused on the broader ideas of the Core Standards, we thought that a number of the statistics contained in this handy infographic / Common Core guide were interesting. Keep reading to learn more!

Did You Know?

  • 45, 750,000 students will take the Common Core State Standards tests starting in 2014 (In the 2007-08 school year, there were 49.3 million public school students)
  • 2,972,000 public school teachers will teach to these standards (In the 2007-08 school year, there were  approximately 3.2 million public school teachers)
  • 89,890 public schools will participate (as of 2008, there were approximately 100,000 public schools in the US)
  • The states that have not adopted the Common Core Standards are Texas, Nebraska, Hawaii, Minnesota, Virginia, (and Puerto Rico)

common core standards guide