The Best Education Tools: A Crowdsourced Guide

best education toolsWe showcase the best education tools which consist of a myriad of apps, tools, and other resources on a daily basis on Edudemic. It’s what we do. It’s fun, useful, and lets us help connect you with interesting new ways to do things.

But what if you miss some posts because you’re off having a life, on vacation, or just don’t check Edudemic every minute of every day. It’s okay, we don’t either.

That’s why we (Jeff and Katie) built “The Best Education Tools For Teachers” area of the site. It’s a spot where you can find a list of the best education tools anytime. Best of all, the lists are populated by teachers, admins, and students from around the world (our audience). It’s a crowdsourced and living list that is going to change as people add to it, vote for a preferred tool, and generally just gets more robust.

How It Works

education tools guide

To add to a list, just use the big pink ‘Add To List’ button and follow the instructions. You’ll have to sign in with a social network account in order to prove you’re not a spambot. If you’re not comfortable with this, I understand. But let me at least say that I’ve been using the tool for a couple weeks now and haven’t had any problems in terms of the couple of ways I’ve set up accounts. Just my $.02.

If you want to just browse, no need to sign in. If you want to just up-vote a resource because you like it, no need to sign in.

Now comes the fun part. Time to sort and organize so you actually get some usage out of this! Go to the top right of the page and select any of the many organization options. You can sort all the resources by ‘crowd rank’ or ‘alphabetical’ or a few more options. Choose what works for you.

So that’s about it. Just add as many resources as you want (note: we’ll do our best to manage the directory so there aren’t any duplicates or spammy stuff).  Use the links below to hop over to your preferred list. Enjoy!