The Beginner’s Visual Guide To Online Learning

If you’re considering taking or teach a course online, then this visual guide is for you. It details the 3 main things you should know about online learning, how it works behind the scenes, and what some effective tools might be. From YouTube to Facebook to Twitter, there’s a lot of innovative ways to talk directly to anyone else taking your online course.

For example, what should potential online instructors include in their courses? How do you choose the right online learning management system? These and other questions are posed below. While this quick guide may be short on answers but long on questions, it’s great to get you thinking about some effective questions you should get answered prior to enrolling or creating an online course.

If you’re already taking an online course, these questions should make you an even better online student as you ponder the importance of a variety of content, examine your teachers a bit more, etc. Hope it helps no matter what stage you’re at in life!

online learning guide

Source: An Ethical Island