The April Issue of the Edudemic Magazine Is Ready To Rock

Do you love social networks? Ever wish there was just one single network that allowed you to do, well, everything? We’ve combed through the pros and cons of the world’s biggest social networks to figure out what the best social network for education would have. Better still, we found a brand new social network that features every single one of our wishes! More on that in the April issue of the Edudemic Magazine.

In fact, we have A LOT more in the April issue!

We review and discuss the new iPad (and why it’s not the best iPad for your classroom), visualize common core standards, take a look at Google Glasses in education, and, well, a whole lot more.

What It’s Got

The Edudemic iPad Magazine for April is now available in the iTunes Store!

For those new to the game, the Edudemic iPad Magazine has allowed us to take the Edudemic magic, combine it with iPad magic, put it in a box and shake it to create an entirely new Edudemic experience.

NOTE: You’ll have to download the newest version of the app to view the April issue. We’ve upgraded the app to support the new iPad, Facebook sharing, starring articles for later reading, etc.

And here’s a quick look at what the April issue features:

  • Education’s Dream Social Network
  • The Twitter Spectrum
  • Google Glasses
  • Growing Pains
  • Are Apps the New Textbook?
  • The Academic 1%
  • Interactive Visualization of Common Core Standards
  • Writing Process & Technology
  • Linkedin Study: The World is a’ changin’
  • Much more!

100% Unique & Fresh

This is not recycled web content. The resources, thinking, design, and overall content embedded in each issue are at the very cutting edge of what #edtech really means to classrooms and universities worldwide.

The Formula

In building the magazine each month, we take the web 2.0 goodness, tips, tools, and guides and combine them with a unique vision of the future of education, including searing editorials and an eye not just for what’s happening in #edtech, but what’s truly possible at the intersection of education and technology–all packaged in a pleasing and highly visual design!

Edudemic iPad Magazine Features

  • Pinch-and-zoom interaction
  • Visuals, spectrums, and infographics that put the power of your iPad to work
  • Variety of writing styles and content ideas
  • News, comics, editorials, and more!

Contact Us, Please!

We’re not a major (and inaccessible) conglomerate. We’re always available through email or social media for story ideas, feedback, problems, celebrations, or any general sharing (something our new website will support as well). Please contact us with anything. You’re why we’re here.