The Alarming Amount Of Prescription Drugs In Education

There’s a trend bubbling up in the media that you should know about. News outlets like the New York Times are discussing the current usage of prescription drugs in education. In ‘Risky Rise of the Good Grade Pill,’ Alan Schwarz discusses the alarming amount of prescriptions in schools today. The article focuses on study drugs (and so does the first infographic from Online Degrees below) but there is a trend of more and more prescription drugs coming into the world of education.

Now the world is taking notice.

The second infographic elaborates on the amount of drugs in universities right now. It presents a few studies but mainly targets students. Regardless, it’s useful for referring to in a pinch.

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In the last decade, attention deficit hyperactive disorder has grown from a little known developmental disorder into one of the more common and widely diagnosed disorders in the country. As one might expect, as the diagnoses for ADD and ADHD became more prevalent, so did the prescriptions being filled for medication to treat the disorder.

The rise has created a dangerous unintended result however, and that is that people without prescriptions are beginning to abuse the drugs used to treat the disorders. In this infographic from Allied Health World, they break down the rise of prescription drugs and how college students are abusing them as well as examine some of the dangers.