The 8 Skills Students Must Have To Be Digital Leaders

On the 24th of January, 2012, President Obama, in his State of the Union address, declared the United States’ “national commitment” to train two million Americans with skills that would lead directly to a profession.

He also revealed that growing industries in science and technology have twice as many openings as America has workers who can actually do the job.

Let’s focus on digital marketing, a career path which is the face of the future and appeals to many graduates looking for a career in the marketing world.

Here is an outline of eight necessary skills that students require for future digital marketing career success; tactical skills which will equip them to shape the digital marketing world efficiently and with effortless execution:

1. Passion for digital
The future generation of students are technologically advanced and this is a definite requirement in digital marketing. Being up to date with technological information is key and includes understanding the basics of desktop computing, computer security, HTML, search engine optimization, web analytics and content management systems.

2. Analytical thinking and application
Students need to be able to scan and sift through information and determine what the important information is, and what should be omitted. A skilled and competent digital marketer, for example, will be able to write content for the web which readers can scan and take from it what they wish.

3. Critical thinking
Students and working professionals, in any field, need to be able to think for themselves, learn on their own, understand and assess facts and figures and engage and interact positively within a team environment.

4. Communication skills
Effective and succinct verbal and written communication skills in a medium in which people do not have the time to delve into heavy and convoluted content, is essential.

5. Understanding the “bigger picture”
Students will garner success from their understanding of the bigger picture. It is crucial that one understands the dynamics of a company and how to create a message and a strategy that will work for the company and its audience it is trying to target.

6. Accountability
Be accountable for your actions and learn to accept change in a fast-paced digital environment in which transformation is inevitable and necessary.

7. Be solutions-oriented
The digital arena focuses on solutions-oriented approaches to business problems; maintain enthusiasm in your approach and aim to provide sustainable technological solutions to business goals, with passion and consistency.

8. Find exceptional mentors to inspire you
Finally, seek out encouraging and established people in the digital world who will willingly monitor and assess your continued growth with positive and constructive feedback. Do not be afraid to grow and expand on your digital marketing knowledge!

We would like to leave you with Jen Groover’s (20 principles of success not taught in school) revelation, “there is a lesson in everything that happens to us—wisdom to be gained and gratitude to be given. Begin with gratitude and everything else will reveal itself.”